About Us

Who Is Nal4America?

Great question!  To say I am a qualified person to digress and generate news is a huge overstatement.  I am not.  I hold a degree in nothing and have been in the automotive industry for 17 years.  What I am though is a concerned citizen.  I find the way our news is generated to the public appalling.  Since I have been involved in politics from a very young age, I find it important to generate the news.  Since "Fake News" has dominated headlines for over a year I pondered the situation.  What would help people believe the news they receive was credible?  And I came up with a simple solution.

What if the news that people received WASN'T from a news outlet? What if the people that generated news DIDN'T hold a degree in anything?  What if they were just average people like me who had no monetary gain or fan base to pander their narrative to?  Would people trust the news from people like them?

This website is dedicated to serving the PEOPLE an honest look at the news from people who are just like them.

How it Works!

This is very simple.  If you see something that is newsworthy, send it to us and we will publish it unvarnished.  Give us a video, or post of what you saw and most importantly, how it affected you.  We publish all contributions so long as they are tasteful and hold no legal liability.  

The Chance for Social Change

The only way a revolution can begin is by people dedicated to see it change.  People are tired of hearing viewpoints that are dictated by a profit margin. Help us change the world by contributing!